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Aikido Bismarck  self-defense classes - Dento Iwama Ryu - Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai USA
Aikido Bismarck - Dento Iwama Ryu - Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai USA
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Special Announcement

A traditional martial arts school in Bismarck, ND

First purple belt at Aikido Bismarck bokken training with kids iriminage by Les Sempai Kokyu Ho - children's class Yap Sensei 2013 Kids Seminar Summer Seminar 2013 Adult keiko Sensei demonstrating sankyo Summer Seminar 2014 Munetski attack Sertoma Park bokken practice
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Welcome to our Dojo

Our Commitment to Aikido

Aikido Bismarck is committed to the consistent teaching of Aikido, its techniques and concepts, to students both on and off the mat. The school strives to provide a comfortable, positive, yet disciplined learning environment where all students are trained to help each other and to focus on cooperation as a tool for successful learning.

A Japanese Martial Art

Aikido is an effective and unique Japanese self-defense and martial art tradition. Unlike many other styles of martial arts such as Taekwondo or Karate, Aikido does not attempt to stop or block an incoming attack with an opposing force. Instead, Aikidoists train to blend with the force and direction of an attacker and to then redirect the aggressor in a way that maintains control of the situation in favor of the defender.

The Art of Peace

In essence, a well trained practitioner uses an attacker's aggressive energy to power their own defensive techniques. This concept of blending and redirecting is also applicable to much of life's confrontations and challenges. Aikido is known as the "Art of Peace." The self defense techniques in Aikido are designed to de-escalate violent confrontations without causing serious bodily harm.

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Transforming Lives

Aikido Bismarck is a friendly, non-competitive, though disciplined and challenging training environment. We seek to promote the advancement of students' proficiency, skill, and ability to train Aikido by using visual, kinesthetic and auditory explanations. Students may progress at their own rate according to their physical ability, personal goals and time.

All who wish to train are welcome.

-- How to get started --
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Classes are available for
kids ages 8-15y
adults (16 and older).

We hold practice at
16th and East Broadway Ave.,
Bismarck, ND. (map)


Scroll with takemusu aiki kanji - martial arts techniques from universal energy


We are thrilled to have 6 new beginners in the Youth Program joining in the past few weeks. Welcome to your new journey in Aikido!

All classes are on-schedule. Check out our Facebook Page or Twitter Feed for last-minute closures due to weather this Winter.

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